Friday, August 20, 2010

Rural Voters & Carol Porter: A match made in Heaven?

She's articulate. She's Bright. She is a businesswoman. She's strong on Family Values. She wants to rid the State Capitol of Corruption & the stench of Ethically challenged Politicos. She wants to be your next Lt. Governor.

Im talking about Carol Porter, wife of minority leader DuBose Porter.

The most unlikely candidate to run for Lt. Governor, Porter know wants to be the one to clean up the State Senate & return it to a more bi-partisan, workable environment from 8 yrs of inept, Iron-Fisted leadership of Casey Cagle.

Porter, of Dublin, Ga, will do a better job of making the rural connection. She is running as a moderate/conservative, which will give Republicans who are disenchanted about the direction of the state a clear conscience to vote for a Democrat.

In small towns like Spoerton, Climax, Pearson, Twin City, Vidalia and Ocklocnee & others like Barnesville, Camilla, Hartwell, Reidsville, Hamilton, Douglas, Darien and Americus, voters in these towns need ideas and hope that a candidate can go to Atlanta and help make a difference in their lives. They want to know that their Lt. Governor knows that their town statistically trails bigger cities in Georgia in median family and household incomes, in the number of high school graduates and in the number of college graduates.

The farmers want to know that their Lt. Governor knows they are paying as much a $4.00 a gallon for the diesel fuel that runs their tractors and combines, and that the cost of fertilizer, a major expense in the production of crops, has risen dramatically.

Rural swing voters are going to be very competitive targets this year. Mark my words.

Most of the state's poorest counties are rural, and rural areas have lost thousands of manufacturing jobs. (Like 300 jobs being outsoured to Mexico from Cooper Lighting in Americus, Ga). The state economy, education and jobs give porter an opportunity to cut Republican rural strength. One of the biggest concerns for rural Georgians is Financial Security & Jobs & right now the policies of the GOP-led Legislature & Perdue has failed miserably in fixing those problems plaging rural Georgians.

When it comes to values, rural Georgians would be very attracted to Mrs. Porter. A native of Johnson County, Porter nows the value of work, community & family. Her father as a rural doctor &her mother, a school teacher and cookbook author instilled those vallues in her that remain strong today. She is a active member of First United Methodist Church in Dublin, where she currently serves on the Administrative Board, the Worship Committee and as a Sunday School Teacher for the Second Door Adult Bible Class every third Sunday.

I know for a fact from variuos emails I've gotten from people say they lean republican, but are very, very open to change & vote for a democrat like Carol Porter, due to a poor economy, the weakening of our public education, lack of economic development & ethical charges that have run thru the state capitol.

Too many Democrats too often act like rural Georgia is just someplace to fly over or drive thru between a fundraiser or big campaign event in Savannah or Athens. In small towns and rural communities, our lifestyle and all the values it represents, are being ignored, while the rest of Georgia grasp with an economic downturn, hell, recession has become a permanent way of life for most of rural Georgia.

That's why Carol Porter as Lt. Governor would put a spotlight on rural georgia in terms of creating much needed jobs, improving our rural schools, better services for our hospitals & pumping new life back into the places where I hope the Georgia Democratic Party return to its roots and to champion the forgotten Georgia, not just the metropolitan areas, but also in the small towns that lie between. That's why Georgia at this critical stage in its history needs a Carol Porter in the legislature to bring about those changes along with Roy Barnes.

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