Friday, August 13, 2010

Georgians: No, Its not you, No, its not me, "Its the Government, Stupid!"

STATE GOVERNMENT, that is. Let's get away fron the Federal Government & focus on home for a minite. Georgians, its time to get serious here!

Who controls the governor's mansion? Republicans!

Lt. Governor? Republicans!

The State Senate? Republicans!

State House? Republicans!

And who controls the rest of the state government? Republicans?

Now Clearly, there ARE some good, honest folks in state government. But not the majority! We must accept our part of the blame for trusting these crooks, cranks and do-gooders, in allowing them to "run" the show (State Government). The real question is, "Is Georgians smart enough to see, that it's the government stupid", and take Georgia back from one-party rule.

As far as I know, none of us are in the State Government, we aren't the Governor, or the inept, retarded excuse known as the state government. We don't write the laws, make the rules or print money out of thin air. We don't create discrimination or prejudice to further our agenda.

The State Legislature continued its war against Public Education which has resulted on schools going to 4 day weeks, furloughing teachers & the reduction of school programs to better educate our children for the future. They pass a law that cuts taxes for wealthy seniors, but eliminate a Income Tax Cut for Georgians that make under $20,000 a year. In addition, they tried to pass backdoor legislation that they hope the people of Georgia wouldn't notice during the last day of the legislative session & pass bills they didn't read, can't pay for and don't have to live under.

Yet we keep voting these idiots back into office. The State deficit is out of control & the GOP-controlled Legislature amswer to that is to raise taxes (or Fees) on the backs of hardworking, middle-of-the-road Georgia families. Its still a TAX increase, which ever way you want to call it. The Dept of Transportation can't get its act together to fix our ailing transportation woes that is hampering our ability to attract jobs to the state. Our Law Enforcement officials are among the lowest in wages in the entire Southeast, More Jobs are leaving the state than are coming into the state. But the state can waste money on hopeless, needless things like Boat Ramps, & a College Football Hall of Fame. Don't get me wrong, I love Tax Cuts just like everyone else, but give tax cuts that will have a direct impact on people. Just doling out Tax Cuts because its politically beneficial is not the way to go.

The General Assembly passed bills to raise $438 million and improve tax collections during the recent legislative session, but it continued to pass long-term tax cuts in this recession, basically blowing off other revenue proposals, and shifted taxes increases onto middle- and low-income Georgians. The governor vetoed a bill with the most costly tax breaks, but signed one that shifts taxes onto those earning the lowest 20 percent of incomes.

Instead of rolling up their sleeves & digging deep to find solutions to the state's problems, the GOP only passed legislation to pander to special interest groups & to satify thier constituents back in their districts, while being wined & dined by lobbyist, at the same time dating them as well. To be more blunt, they legislate in a way to hold on to power more than to work & improve the lives of Georgians, but instead of us going forward, we have come to a complete stop & now headed in the direction as the state of Mississippi & South Carolina.

They are, in my view the laziest, sorriest majority I've ever seen & yet they want Georgians to keep them at the wheel of the ship, trying to guide the State to better & prosperous times? And now we have a guy running for governor in Nathan Deal, who wants to be handed the keys to the car, despite ethics violations hanging over his head that COULD result in some kind of indictment. The same Nathan Deal who is a relic of the dysfuctional political arena that is washington, who will only double down on the current policies that has put this state in a hole. Georgia can't afford that.

Democrats have had very little involvement on legislation proposed by republicans, bills proposed by the democrats only got shot down or sent back to a respective committee where it died. Like the party in power in D.C. gets the blame when things aren't going well, the party here in Georgia will get the blame because things here are not going well at all.

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Anonymous said...

As a republican who was once a democrat living here in treutlen co i 100% agree with your assessment. i'll be voting a straight democrat ballot.

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