Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gary Black is Wrong for Georgia Agriculture. Plain & Simple!

Like many Georgians I am concerned what may happen if Gary Black is elected as the next GA Ag Commissioner. Folks says Gary Black is the best qualified and most experienced candidate. BUT! He is supported by the same companies the GA Agriculture Commissioner is charged with regulating like Monsanto for example. How closely do you think he would be watching over these large agribusiness companies that back him and finance his campaign. He is strictly for large Agribusiness and food processing type companies instead of the GA farmer.

How in the hell can Gary Black be in touch with the farmers in rural Georgia while spending the bulk of his time in the state capital trying to push his lobbying organization's agenda's? Gary Black is a not for the family farmer, nor the working class bluecollar voter.

Conservative State Senator JB Powell, a rural democrat from Rural Richmond County maynot have the big backing of major dollars from Big Ag Corporations & Lobbyist like Black has but one thing for sure, he won't sell out the Farm Families of Georgia in favor of Special Interest Groups & Big Ag Corporations that'll swallow up the backbone of Georgia Agriculture & that is the family farmers as well as independent farmers as well.

JB will cut the red tape and reduce government involvement in our everyday lives. Permits and licensing will be made simple while maintaining necessary standards to safeguard our citizens. Unnecessary paperwork and government bureaucracy will not be tolerated & as a small businessman, JB understands the hard work that is necessary to survive in the world of multi-national corporations that attempt to dominate the marketplace, the people Gary Black represents.

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