Thursday, July 8, 2010

Surprising Fundraising Numbers for Russell Edwards (D-Athens)

The Campaign of 10th Congressional District candidate Russell Edwards (D-Athens) announced yesterday that they have raised $102,248.62 for their first fundraising quarter. That's more that they expected, but its a very impressive haul for a first time candidate running for office.

Says Edwards in a email to supporters:

I’m so grateful to have such wide-spread and strong support from throughout the District and across the country. This report shows voters are responding to my campaign to send responsible leadership to Congress. Frankly, many in our District are suffering, and our incumbent refuses to help. Together we will send responsible leadership to Congress that supports our community. Together we will win this race!
Thanks for supporting this campaign.

Edwards is challenging Arch-Conservative Paul Broun (R) for the 10th congressional seat in congress, who according to, is ranked 431 out of 435 members of congress so that should tell you, as well as voters up in the 10th that Broun has absolutely no influence in congress whatsoever, he's basically a back-bencher, who only garner headlines by making outrageous, extremist comments instead of garnering headlines for something that will help our economy, or bring jobs to the district, or help our veterans. Its sad! Very sad!

One wonders will this haul convince the DCCC to put this race on the radar? It has a republican edge to it (The 10th does), but even among some republicans up there, he is not well liked, so its possible.

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