Monday, July 19, 2010

Predictions for Tuesday

I just throwing out my predictions on various races for tuesday. Some races are too hard to predict, so here goes:

Race for Governor

Republican: John Oxendine & Eric Johnson or Karen Handel

Democrat: Roy Barnes (Outright) or Runoff with Poythress or Porter

Race for Secretary of State

Democrat: Michael Mills & Georganna Sinkfield in Runoff

Republican: Brian Kemp

Race for State School Superintendent

Democrat: Brian Westlake, Joe Martin in runoff

Republican: John Barge

Race for State Insurance Commissioner

Republican: Gerry Purcell, Tom Knox in runoff

Democrat: Mary Squires

Race for Attorney General

Democrat: Ken Hodges

Republican: Sam Olens (Outright)

State Agriculture Commissioner:

Democrat: J.B. Powell

Republican: Gary Black

Lt. Governor:

Democrat Carol Porter

Republican: Casey Cagle

U.S. Senate:

Democrat: RJ Hadley

Republican: Johnny Isakson

Labor Commissioner:

Republican: Mark Butler

Democrat: Terry Coleman

13th Congressional District (Democratic)

Democrat: Michael Murphy, David Scott in runoff

Republican: Deborah Honeycutt, Chip Flanegan in runoff

4th Congressional District:

Democrat: Hank Johnson, Vernon Jones in runoff

Republican: Corey Ruth, Liz Carter in runoff

8th Congressional District:

Republican: Austin Scott (Outright)

Democrat: Jim Marshall

2nd Congressional District:

Republican: Mike Keown

Democrat: Sanford Bishop

12th Congressional District

Democrat: John Barrow

Republican: Ray McKinney, Jeanne Seaver in runoff

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