Thursday, July 22, 2010

DGA Statement on Barnes, Georgia GOP

Gov. Jack Markell, chair of the Democratic Governors Association, and Nathan Daschle, the DGA's executive director, issued the following statements tonight regarding the Georgia gubernatorial race.

“While Georgia Republicans debate whether their state should secede from the United States, Roy Barnes is uniting people around his plan to get them back to work,” Governor Markell said. “Roy will end business as usual at the capitol and make Georgia work for Georgians again. He's got real plans to move the state forward while his opponents – like Karen Handel and Nathan Deal – seem happy with a stalled status quo.”

“If the primary is any indication, the Republicans are in for three more weeks of heated infighting,” Daschle said. “This race had all the hallmarks of a classic GOP Civil War for the right: a Sarah Palin endorsement, vicious warfare over social issues and tests for ideological purity. And this will take a big toll in the general election. Georgians are ready for real leadership, not career politicians who put partisan bickering first.”

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