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Time for the Georgia GOP to walk the walk when it comes to supporting Black GOP Candidates for Office

Up in Metro Atlanta, there is a hotly contested race in both parties. On the democratic side, you have Incumbent Hank Johnson, Former DeKalb CO CEO & U.S. Senate Candidate Vernon Jones & Commissioner Connie Stokes & on the republican side you have Gulf War Veteran Victor Armedariz, Consultant Corey Ruth, a Black Republican & Liz Carter.

Much of the hype & buzz has surrounded Carter in her Bid to win the GOP nomination as well as the 4th Congressional Seat in Congress.

Here's a look at Carter:

She is a small business owner, started her career in real estate and through hard work and perseverance worked her way to executive level management positions at major high tech and financial corporations & is the daughter of a World War 2 veteran.

Her key issues include: The Fair Tax, Illegal Immigration & Healthcare.

Liz Carter for Congress Endorsements include:

DeKalb Fraternal Order of Police
Republicans at Morehouse College
Mayor Bucky Johnson of Norcross
Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway
Rep. Mike Jacobs, & Bob Smith, Georgia House of Representatives
Log Cabin Republicans

So I ask the Question: What has she done to be getting so much hype?

Cory Ruth, on the other hand may have just as good of a shot of winning that seat than Carter.

His proposal for Healthcare Reform reads like this:

I propose that the federal government encourage states to develop health care systems of their own – uniquely designed to care for the health concerns of their citizens. The seniors in Florida are not best cared for with the same health care plan as the coal miners of West Virginia. Or, states can decide to rely on a free market solution for health care that lowers cost and increases consumer choices by allowing consumers to purchase health insurance nationwide, across state lines. Also that the federal government introduce smart legislation that reduces unnecessary impediments to access to health care, provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance and slow the growth of health care costs. And finally capitalize the modernization of the health care system for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Ruth is the second oldest of six children and his son Josiah is nine. He studied Biblical Studies at Carver Bible College and Theology in Seminary. He was a Hearst Scholar at Oglethorpe University where he studied History and Politics and taught American Conversational Culture in Germany at the Universit├Ąt Dortmund as a Halle Scholar. He has published several political articles as the political analyst for a Philadelphia-based think tank and is a regular columnist with the Atlanta Christian Family Magazine & as a ordained minister, Cory has helped plant seven churches

In addition he is a successful business professional who has been entrusted by some of the nation’s most respected corporations to provide strategic consultation and to manage multi-large, complex enterprise wide projects. He is currently managing information security standards and technical compliance across 44 business units for a fortune 500 firm.

Now both Ruth & Carter hold similar positions on Immigration to the Fair Tax, (although Ruth also favors some kind of form of a Flat Tax)

It seems the GOP has hand picked their nominee to take on either Johnson or one of the new democratic nominees.

My thinking that with the majority of voters in the district are democratic voters & with the high number of African-American voters in the district, Ruth may have more of chance of winning that seat in November than Liz Carter. I'm just sayin' but if the Georgia GOP want to have more diversity in their ranks, they need to get behind candidates like Ruth instead of offering lip service.

Remember how Dylan Glenn was treated in his race against Lynn Westmoreland in 2003, or Herman Cain, who has better conservative credentials that Johnny Isakson in 2004 when the establishment got behind Isakson over Cain. But for all of their talk, the Georgia GOP do not walk the walk when it comes to supporting African-American Conservative Republicans. Yes Willie Talton was elected from Warner Robins in 2004, but he had no opposition, & Melvin Emerson was elected, but it took a runoff for the Georgia GOP to get behind Emerson.

I'm tired of republicans hyping up black republican candidates, only not to throw their full support behind the candidate. Let's see will they get behind Cory Ruth for the 4th District. Time to walk the walk & enough of the talk when it comes to black republican candidates.


Anonymous said...

Cory Ruth certainly deserves attention. He has lots of fresh ideas and seems truly committed to service.

Floyd D. Sullivan said...

Our disire is to be color blind, however, the fact remains that the 4th Congressional District is predominately black, and black folks will be more open to voting for a black Republican candidate who has good social values.Blacks will not be willing to vote for a white candidate;who to them, is anthitetical to thier "black president" and his agenda to right the "injustices" that they have suffered.

Black voters are not that politically mature, and Conservatives haven't done the rquired work to address the misguided notions that blacks have with regard to the issues of the day.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your blog, but there's a couple of items:

1) Victor did not serve in the Gulf War...Larry Gauss (another Republican candidate) did

2) You made an excellent case for Liz Carter by listing a lot of the major supporters who know she's the best candidate

The primary problem with Ruth's campaign is that he has been touting exactly what your title suggests....that he's the only one that should win because he's black. That's really all he's been saying. I have no problem with strong candidates of any color, especially when they espouse my beliefs, however, when that's your only self-admitted qualification...its a big problem.

You asked why Liz has garnered the most attention. It's simple: She knows how to motivate the base AND win the hearts and minds of traditional democrats. I can't count the number of black democrats that have come to her, willing to listen to her views and walk away convinced she's the right person for the job.

The color of your skin should never be the sole qualifier for any political office. It's the "content of your character"...I seem to remember that from somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Race won't be a factor when blacks stop reminding us that they're black and they only care about black issues. Perhaps all races ought to be run anonymously, without pictures, just words to reflect their personal views. It is my observation that blacks are more biased when it comes to voting. They prefer to vote for their "own kind" as I've heard many of them say. Until I see changes in the "black community," I will be calling them on their hypocrisy. And I want to remind everyone, that Obama is HALF WHITE!

Keith said...

To be honest with you, I would be shocked if a republican were to win the 4th district. That is a true blue democratic district. If Hank wins re-election, he can be beated by either Carter, Ruth, or Victor.

But if Carter run that FairTax issue if she were to go on to the general election, it will sink her. It might appeal to the northern end of Dekalb Co, but I doubt it will in central & south Dekalb.

Carter has the support of a braod range of voters, which will help her in the long run. If I were living up there. We'll have to wait & see how this turns out!

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