Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poythress to Hold Barnes Feet to the Fire!

A Presser sent out yesterday by the Poythress Campaign:

Throughout this campaign, I have stood up against bad ideas from Republicans like secession and teacher furloughs. And I have taken former Governor Barnes to task for his hypocrisy about lobbyists and bailouts. I have also consistently talked about issues and presented my plans to solve our water and transportation crises, to transform our public schools and to get our economy moving again.

Sadly, facts and reasonable solutions don’t seem to interest the media or cause a stir among voters. That's why I am launching “BagBarnes.com” to compete with Barnes’ multi-million dollar “reinvention” tour using humor to perk up the truth about the baggage that will sink Barnes if we are foolish enough to nominate him again.

In our video, “Huntin’ Hypocrisy,” once again I take Barnes to task for his ad where he poses as a defender of families under financial pressure and says “bankers and their lobbyists got bonuses and bailouts, but you lost your home.”

The fact is Barnes owns well over a half-million dollars worth of stock in the same banks that received federal bailout money. He even accepted big dividend checks from those banks after our tax dollars bailed them out. The big banks, Wall Street crowd and Barnes got rich, while we are stuck here in Georgia to fend for ourselves.

The site reviews the catalog of Barnes hypocritical stands since entering this campaign. As we move forward, we will continue to point out his contradictions. Yesterday’s AJC profile of Barnes does a nice job of summing up many of his obstacles to success in November.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are just itching for a Roy Barnes candidacy, but they seem to be holding their fire for now, hoping Barnes will win the nomination. With their attack site, noRoyalty.org, operational for months, they are poised to pull the trigger when they see the whites of his eyes.

As our huntin’ expert, J.R. Wyatt says so eloquently, “Democrats, we got to bag Barnes before Republicans get a chance to in the fall.”

I've said it before, democrats have got to get it right when it comes to picking the nominee. I like Barnes, but it seems his candidacy & big lead in the polls among democrats is driven by the fact that he can attract money against the GOP. Who to say that either Porter, Poythress, or whoever can't attract the kind of money needed to run against the GOP.


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