Friday, June 18, 2010

Poythress Swing Across Georgia


Many of you have already visited our new website - but for some of you this may be your first time hearing about this new web site. Be sure to check it out and encourage everyone to check it out as well. We put up this website because we know that the Republicans are waiting in the wings and ready to attack Roy Barnes’ hypocrisy in November, just as they did in 2002. As Democrats, we need to nominate a Democrat who can win in November. I am that candidate and I hope you will help me between now and Election Day to make sure we win this election!


Even though it was announced that the Georgia Association of Educators has chosen not to endorse in the Democratic primary, I want you to know that teachers across Georgia have responded well to my education plan. Georgia's teachers agree that we have to stop these draconian cuts to our public school systems and start turning our classrooms into 21st Century Learning Centers. And while some GAE members have called the “no endorsement” a rejection of Roy's 2010 "apology tour” and bad jokes, I think that teachers just want to be able to do their jobs without politicians getting in their way.


As Elizabeth and I have traveled across Georgia this past month we’ve seen the excitement of Georgians growing as we get closer to the election on July 20th. We have been to Dawsonville for the 9th Congressional District JJ dinner, attended forums and town hall meetings in Albany, and dedicated a road honoring Veterans in Coffee County. I gave the commencement address to graduates of Troy University, and visited with great Democrats in Floyd County, Commerce, Valdosta, Dawson, and Warner Robins. Everywhere we go the excitement about our campaign is heartfelt and makes the long, hot days of campaigning worthwhile. Georgians trust me to put their interests above special interests, and they are joining our cause!

Talk About a Campaign Swing

Last weekend put the swing into the term "campaign swing" as Elizabeth and I worked our way across South Georgia. Starting in Savannah we were warmly greeted by the Georgia School Boards Association. My message of fundamental change for education was well received by the attendees, I am always delighted to visit with our state’s educators about improving our schools.

After our pleasant visit to Savannah, we had coffee with friends and supporters in Valdosta. They were pleased with my plan for jobs and economic development for the southern part of our state. This part of the state has plenty of resources that lend themselves to alternative energy and bio fuel products; we need to invest in this region! As Governor, I will provide the kind of leadership that will bring prosperity to all of Georgia!

Towards the end of our swing, I was delighted to be an honored guest at the Terrell County Branch of the NAACP Freedom Banquet. Congressman Sanford Bishop, Jr. was the speaker, and Elizabeth and I enjoyed visiting with him. I want to congratulate Rev. Dr. Ezekiel Holley, President of the Terrell County branch, for planning such a wonderful banquet.

Our South Georgia swing ended with my participation in the forum held in Albany. We were joined at this event by Commissioner Jon Howard and Commissioner Christopher Pike, both of Dougherty County. Lamar Houston, a veteran and strong supporter also came out to show his commitment to the cause.

There were many things to take away from our South Georgia swing. But there in one in particular that rings clear: Folks down in South Georgia are ready for practical, common sense solutions to Georgia’s problems, and they believe I am the right man for the job!


Just like the Kentucky Derby, the Daytona 500, and any other great race, this race too has it's final stretch. Now 32 days from the Georgia Primary election, we're entering the final turn and need your support to push us over the finish line.

In each of Georgia's 159 counties, someone has contributed to my campaign. No other candidate for Governor in 2010 can say that, and when I'm elected Governor I will represent all Georgians, from the mountains to the coast.

Won’t you make a contribution today to help my campaign get out the message in these final days? Not everyone can afford the $1000 donations, but every $100 or $50 contribution helps us with fuel in the car and boots on the ground. Together, with your contributions and support, we can “take this hill” and win this battle!

All the best,

David Poythress

PS – Happy Father’s Day wishes to all other father’s out there! Our families will be close to our hearts this Father’s Day, even though we may not say so. I hope everyone has the opportunity to spend some time with your father this weekend.

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