Monday, June 7, 2010

John Barrow gives Commencement Speech to Brewton Parker College

Brewton-Parker College had commencement ceremonies for the class of 2010 on May 15 on the Mount Vernon campus.

178 students received 181 bachelor’s and/or associate’s degrees. Of those, 122 students completed degree requirements. Forty-five students have applied for summer graduation and were recognized during the ceremony.

Commencement speaker U.S. Congressman John Barrow, D-Georgia, encouraged the graduates to reach out to their communities in ways that will make a difference in the long run. “Volunteer for a cause you care about. Things you thought were just hobbies could actually be a rewarding career. It is a great time to be an American and a great time to get involved in your community,” Barrow said. “Remember the words John F. Kennedy spoke in my youth, ‘One person can make a difference and everyone should try

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