Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jefferson County BOE narrows candidates to three

Up the road in Jefferson County, the Jefferson County Board of Education announced the selection of three candidates for the position of school superintendent.

The position became vacant when Carl Bethune retired last month. Here are the remaining candidates:

Robert W. Brown

In his application, Robert W. Brown states he currently works for the Douglas County Board of Education as the executive director of high schools. He holds a leadership certificate at the L-6 level. He has been in his current position for two years.

Brown has classroom experience from 1996 through 2001 when he became an assistant principal, a position he held until 2005 when he became the principal. He was at that position through 2008 when he was promoted to the position he holds now.

He holds a BS in physical education and health, a BA in psychology, a master’s in education administration, an educational specialist degree in education administration and a doctorate in education administration.

He holds numerous awards and is active in his community.

Under the category, Education Philosophy, Brown’s statement includes, “I believe a successful school system is one that provides students with diverse opportunities for educational success and prepares them for the post-secondary option of their choice. A successful school system provides a safe, supportive environment in which students can be molded into productive citizens.”

Molly P. Howard

In her application, Molly P. Howard states she currently works for the Jefferson County Board of Education as a principal. She holds a leadership certificate at the L-7 level. She has been in this position for 15 years.

She has classroom experience from 1977 until 1990 when she became the director of the CSRA Regional Educational Service Agency. She held this position until 1994, when she became principal.

She holds a BS in education, a master’s in education, an educational specialist degree in leadership and a doctorate in administration and supervision.

She has authored two articles, received numerous awards, addressed a variety of conferences and conducted several workshops. Her community activities include church and supporting civic groups throughout the county. She said her main focus is promoting and supporting Jefferson County High School where she is principal.

Under the category, Education Philosophy, Howard’s statement includes, “The most valuable resource to a successful school system is the people who work every day to provide educational opportunities and success for all students. Keeping that in mind, the key element of a successful school system is how staff are used, empowered, mentored and provided opportunities to develop professionally.”

Delacy W. Sanford

In his application, Delacy W. Sanford states his most recent contract expired last year. He had been the superintendent of Jasper County in South Carolina. He holds a leadership certificate at the L-7 level. He held this position for more than two years.

He has 15 years of classroom experience. He was a case manager and youth advocate from 1989 through 1993, an instructor at an alternative school for four years, a program leader for one year, an assistant principal for two years and a principal for seven years. He worked as an interim superintendent for several months, then was an assistant superintendent for four years and a superintendent for Jasper County from 2007 through 2009.

He holds a BS in social science education, a master’s degree in American history and a doctorate in recent American history. He has received numerous awards.

His community activities include membership in the Ridgeland Rotary Club, the Hardeeville Chamber of Commerce and the Christian Renewal Church. He is a board member of the Glynn County Health Department and the Katz-Whittle Foundation.

His comments under the category, Education Philosophy, include, “I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. All children can learn. It is the responsibility of the school district and the community to provide the necessary tools for all children to succeed.”

In a press release, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Donnie Hodges the board had cancelled their regular monthly meeting for Tuesday, June 8, and will hold a called meeting instead.

During that meeting, the board is expected to go into executive session to discuss the candidates and then vote in public.

Regular business will be discussed in a called meeting Tuesday, June 15, at 7 p.m.

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