Friday, June 18, 2010

Early County Town Has No Leadership, mayor living in New Jersey

Damascus, Ga located in southeast Early County is without a mayor & three city council workers.

City Council women Tanya Williams, Bridget Wells, and Gwen Freeman-Shuler all walked out of a meeting this week and said they're done.

The only leaders left are mayor Pro-Tem Nathaniel Thompson and Mayor Vivian Pouder, they must appoint new council members.

The mayor has been living in New Jersey for months and hasn't attended any recent meetings.

The city attorney is sending formal letters to the council members to get their resignations in writing.

"Sometimes I wonder what a small town has to argue about, basically what they have is a water system and one police offer, but they get very upset about these things whatever it was we've got potentially no council now so they can't conduct any business," said Tommy Coleman, Damascus City Attorney.

"We don't have a lot to choose from we tried to have an election a couple months ago and had nobody to qualify. They've appointed and appointed, seven in the last 16 months, and they have resigned," said Heath McDowell, Former Damascus Mayor.

The city barely has money to pay its bills week to week.

One problem is the water system.

The city charges customers a flat fee, but many bills aren't being collected.

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