Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DuBose Porter is a Gun Owner's Best Friend

How on earth did I miss this?

A State Representative, serving his 14th term in the General Assemblyfrom the 143rd House District,Representative Porter is also a candidatefor Governor in 2010. In addition to hisservice in the General Assembly andbeing an attorney, Mr. Porter also ownsand operates nine newspapers in middle Georgia with the flagship publication,the Courier Herald, being located in hishome town of Dublin.

He also publishes a supplement to the newspapers called Porter's Guideto Hunting & Fishing in Middle Georgia. During his speech and questions afterward he was very open and candid with the attendees on many issues. One attendee observed that he sounded honest and more like one of us than your usual politician that never gives a firm answer to any question.

This is probably due to the person he really is combined with his early learning where, among other things, he earned his Eagle Scout Badge in 1970. His strong personal values have continued with his marriage to wife Carol and the raising of their four sons, all of whom are Eagle Scouts.

Needless to say having a long term pro-gun owner rights person of DuBose
Porter's stature take the time to visit with us, and stay with us for the whole meeting, is much appreciated by all the members of the NRA State Association. DuBose, Thanks Again, for being with us at our 2010 Annual Meeting and working to protect our gun rights in the General Assembly.

Comments by Michael Kindberg of the Georgia Sport Shooting Association
at their Annual Meeting of the GSSA, The NRA State Association
in Georgia back in January 2010 after DuBose Porter spoke to the group associated with the NRA, (National Rifle Association).

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