Monday, June 7, 2010

Charlotte Perkins of the Houston Home Journal wrote a Great Piece concerning the Go Fish Center Over in Perry

In recent weeks, the Go Fish Center in Perry has become a kind of punching bag -- both as a talking point for state-wide candidates and as a budgetary headache for local elected officials who promised three years ago to kick in some funding to augment the $14 million put in by the state.

The Perry City Council, after much discussion, is coming up with $500,000 through a loan from the Houston County Development Authority to be paid off through an additional hotel and motel sales tax, while the Houston County Commissioners have voted to give a portion of the original agreement, limiting their contribution to $150,000.

The bad news is that those pledges, which were made in good faith, came due at a time when money is tight everywhere. Even with the facility nearing completion, questions remain about funding for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to operate the facility more than three days a week and about the marketing budget as well.
The good news is that the Go Fish Center will open in October when the Georgia National Fair opens, and – despite both the politicians’ complaints and local and state budget woes – it should be a big hit with nature lovers of all ages, as well as a fitting local legacy for Gov. Perdue who got his love of the outdoors while growing up in Houston County.

What many people may not know, with all the talk of hatcheries and fishing ponds, is that the center, which has been built with little fanfare on a site adjacent to the Georgia National Fairgrounds, includes an impressive aquarium, designed to showcase the state’s fish, the ecology of its waterways and its scenery, ranging from the north Georgia mountains to the coast, from lakes to rivers to the coast. It is, to be exact, a series of aquaria, each representing a different part of the state.

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