Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Candidate Spotlight: Dan King (D-Dublin) HD 143

Over in Laurens County, there is a race going on to replace outgoing State Rep DuBose Porter as representative for HD 143. One of those candidates is rural democrat Dan King, a moderately conservative democrat who is a attorney & a U.S. Army Veteran serving in the Gulf War & a graduate of the U.S. Military at West Point & served an additional 8 yrs in the Georgia National Guard,

He was highly decorated both on active duty and for his service in the National Guard.

Some of his biggest issues are:

Education: (where he supports more local control of schools),

The State Budget: (where he will not support unnecessary spending on pet projects and programs that funnel money away from these crucial efforts, and will not support tax increases that further burden our state’s hard working families)

Public Safety

Jobs & Economy

King is a father of three & committed husband & where faith plays a huge role in his family where he and his family are active members of First Baptist Church of Dublin where he currently serves on the Finance Committee. Dan spent two weeks in Africa last summer working to construct facilities at a Bible college established to train pastors to evangelize their own populations. Giving time to help others is an important component of Dan's faith, and a value he has tried to pass on to his children. As State Representative, Dan King says he will bring these Georgia values with him to the State Capitol and be a strong voice for pro-life, pro-family policies.

Hmmmm............ This is my kind of democrat.

He goes up aginst Claudia Graham, Mitch Warnock & Pablo Santamaria in the democratic primary.

His website is www.votedanking.com


Anonymous said...

every candidate who doesn't have a chance in hell to win is "your kind of democrat". This is great kind of endorsement.

Keith said...

I don't know if you know Laurens County or not, but its not a liberal bastion. The other democratic candidates over there are about the same as Mr. King.

Maybe except Claudia Graham who maybe more center-left.

Any democrat who values faith, loves the second amendment, serves or support our military, a christian man with strong family values is my "KIND OF DEMOCRAT".


These are the kind of democrats that can win statewide.

And what makes you think that Dan doesn't have a chance of winning HD 143?

Anonymous said...

Dan King children's attend the private school in Laurens County. What does he know about education? The bit about him being 'a decorated war hero' is suspect, at best. When Dan King ran against Sen. Ross Tolleson, he was badly beaten in Laurens County. If he couldn't muster up enough votes to win an open seat in a hugely democratic area, what makes him think he is better liked now? Dan King will be 4th out of 4.

Unknown said...


August 11, 2010


Contact Person: Tawana Garrett

Phone: (912)-346-2497

Email: VoteforTawanaGarrett@gmail.com

Local Georgia Candidate calls for Day of Prayer for our Military Troops

Current State House Candidate and Army Veteran, Tawana Garrett, believes in two or three gathering together in the power of prayer. She was recently approached by John Hancock, brother of a fallen solider, with the aim of bringing all churches together with one common goal.

The goal is to pray for the military men and women serving the United States of America. Being a former Chaplain Assistant, Tawana Garrett agreed to help John Hancock fulfill his thought. As of today, 45 churches have personally been contacted. There are plans to reach out to even more.

Each church that participates will take a moment during their worship service to stand in the GAP to pray for our military men and women. Those that are not affiliated with a local church are asked to join us at New Birth Savannah on August 22, 2010 at 11:00am in a moment of silence to reflect on our fallen soldiers, their families, and all service men and women. Some of the churches participating are Trinity Unity, Alpha United Methodist Church, Port Wentworth Alliance Church‎, North Salem Baptist Church‎, New Birth Savannah, and Bonnybridge Baptist Church.

Contact Information

Tawana Garrett, Candidate for State House 159

(912) 346-2497
Email: votefortawanagarrett@gmail.com

Website: www.tgarrett4georgia.com

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