Wednesday, June 9, 2010

12th District Democratic County Chairs: Get off John Barrow's Back & Stop with the Crap!

Andre Walker at Georgia Politics Unfiltered had the story yesterday concerning a letter sent by Georgia Democratic Party Chairwoman Jane Kidd to democratic county chairs over in the 12th District in regards to their criticisms of Congressman John Barrow, namely his vote against the Healthcare Reform Bill.

Here what the letter said:

Criticizing Barrow while he seeks re-election violates state Democratic bylaws that require party officials to refrain from taking sides in contested primaries.

"Any of you wishing to continue this type of activity are required by our Charter and Bylaws to resign any official position with the Democratic Party of Georgia immediately," says Kidd's letter, dated June 1.

On party chairman John Brewer over in rural Montgomery County he's so angry that he won't vote for Barrow in the primary. Brewer also said, if Barrow's re-elected, he'll work to recruit another Democrat to challenge the congressman in 2012.

Chairwoman Kidd said Tuesday she sent the letter not as a threat, but as a reminder to Democratic officials to be careful during the primaries that they don't appear to be endorsing one Democrat over another in any race.

Let me say something about this: All the 12th District Democratic County Chairs better think long & hard of the consequences of defeating John Barrow over one vote. They better ask the following questions:

(1) Can we hold on to the 12th District if Barrow is defeated?

(2) Can Regina Thomas, who is a liberal democrat appeal to a district that is moderately conservative in a year that favors republicans?

(3) Is she strong enough?

(4) Can she keep conservative democrats from flocking over to the republican candidate if she becomes the nominee?

(5) Will the 12th even elect a Nancy Pelosi-Clone as its congresswoman?

(6) How is she better at representing the district that John Barrow?

I am a staunch John Barrow supporter, so let me get that out of the way.

And I, as a conservative democrat is tired of liberals targeting other democrats who do not favor or have the same views as they do.

Enough is Enough!!!!

If Thomas wins in the democratic primary, you can say goodbye to the 12th congressional District Democrats & it wouldn't surprise me if republicans decided to crossover & vote in the democratic primary just to elect the much weaker Thomas over the much stronger Barrow.


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