Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well I should have known! I'm not shocked by the decision of the DPG to keep its State Convention in North Ga. I guess Rural Ga is not good enough!

Well I tried, but it the state party decided to keep the State Democratic Convention in North Georgia. I was pushing for the convention to be held here in central georgia, at Perry or even Macon. The idea was to hold the event outside the Atlanta Area to bring back conservative democrats, as well as appeal to independents, & to expand the party's base beyond the cities & suburbs.

Although many will argue that Athens is outside metro Atlanta, but its still in North Georgia being held in a democratic stronghold, which was porbably the main reason they decided to go with Athens.

How holding it in Athens helps democrats statewide, I have no idea! Having it in central georgia would make it accessibility much easier for democrats living in south as well as west central, east central, south central, southeast & southwest Georgia. They missed a huge opportunity to stake a claim on rural georgia, but they didn't. Athens was the site for the Young Democrats of Georgia Convention back in April. It would have been nice if the convention were held at a different location.

Bottom line is: if democrats perform poorly in rural georgia this election, it will be a clean sweep for the GOP & the party will be in the wilderness for the next 10-15 years.


Let's face it the power is concentrated in the metro counties & they have the keys to the ship. Rural Georgia, we are not strong enough to compete with the powerhouse metro counties. But no need to worry. If democrats want to win in november, they are going to need the RURAL VOTE!

Well I'm done with it. I hope our gubernatorial candidates pay attention to rural georgia whoever becomes the nominee for their perspective races, because the DPG stiil haven't gtten the message that it has to expand its reach & its base back into the rural parts of the state.


Juliana said...

Keith, you understand that the convention is a party insider event, that almost no one attends this to learn anything about candidates? It doesn't encourage the curious to attend either.

The best place for candidates to be is, in your community if they want to get votes, not sitting in a convention hall with the party faithful. They already have that vote.

Plus, have you ever been to one of these things? Bring a flask that's all I can say. A big one.

Keith said...

Had the convention been held down here, regardless if its a event for party insiders or not, it would have been seen as DPG reaching their hand out to rural georgai, because the perception that all the DPG cares about is North Ga & that's it.

It's not called the DPG down here, its called the Democratic party of Atlanta, or the democratic party of North Ga.

It's a one day event, I know that, but having it down here at Reaves Arena or Macon Coliseum & opening it up to the public would have been something remarkable, especially when Carol Porter as the nominee for Lt. Governor & possibly Terry Coleman, who's from Dodge County for Labor Commissioner, both would have brought throngs of supporters to the convention because both are wlldly popular as well as the candidates for governor.

Its difficult for rural democrats to attend any big function of the DPG due to distance, etc. If irt were at a central location, it would have made it easier for all of the democrats in North, Central & South Ga to attend.

I have lots of people tell me thru emails, etc that they would have liked to see the convention held in middle georgia & it would have been exciting given the importance of this year's elections. The ones I know that was going to attend the convention if it were held in Perry or Macon are not going to attend due to distance.

The DPG has a perception problem down in my neck of the woods.

I never been to Georgia's convention, but I have been to Mississippi's Democratic Convention & they spread their around over there.

Juliana said...

(Copy paste from Beyond the Trestle)

I feel like I've heard this rant before.. like in 2003, 2004 and 2006.

He(Andre) and Keith ( Peanut Politics) are certainly welcome to their opinions, but hey guys.. how about this... you organize something, get your own county together and invite us? Would we even be welcome? I doubt it given the distain and hard edge displayed on both the blogs.

Just a refresher for ya...

Every year many of us shlep down to Macon/Dublin on what usually ends up being the hottest freaking day of the year in August for GADCC dinner, where's the love for that?

Many years I've gone to the events in NAGA and attended events Patty Payne has successfully organized.

The Young Dems have meetings all over this state, in state parks-frankly seems like every other month..

Do either of them have any clue how much time and effort goes into planning and excecuting such an event?

What also occurs to me is, there doesn't seem to be much acknowledgement that traveling beyond Macon/Athens if you live in Metro is a huge expense and might be a hardship for many. The Dublin dinner last year basically required you spend two nights at a hotel.

Puleeze already with the foot stamping.

Keith said...

I do acknowledge the fact the the GADCC was held down in places like Laurens Co, & it does take hard work to plan such events, but what i'm saying that the DPG have a serious problem down in my neck of the woods, as I mentioned before.

The convention maynot be a big deal to y'all, but just having in a more moderate/conservative leaning area of the state would have sent a strong message like Andre said @ Ga Poltiics Unfiltered that Dems are concerned about the state as a whole & not just North Ga.

That's the biggest problem I hope the DPG would have addressed. There are still about 8-10, possibly more rural counties that do not have a county party chapter here in rural georgia.

Y'all are welcomed anytime down to attend any events being held by democrats. My County party chapter, along with other surrounding counties will be holding a candidates meet & greet after the primary in which all candidates will be able to meet with people from various counties. The Date is TBA, but when it does, i'll gladly send you a invite.

Democrats make a strong showing in rural georgia in November & they will be back in the Gov's mansion,as well as other statewide offices as well. Rural Ga is going to make or break the Democrats this year. MARK MY WORDS!

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