Monday, May 3, 2010

Top 5 State Representative races to watch in Georgia this year

(1) Marjean Boyd (D-Bainbridge) vs Gene Maddox (R-Cairo)

Conservative Democrat Marjeen Boyd challenged Maddox back in 2006, coming up short of unseating Maddox. This is a seat that was long held by the democrats. Her reasons for challenging Maddox she says is the "countless tax incentives to special interest groups". She continued, stating "Ultimately, the funding cuts and tax exemptions have a domino effect on not only the state economy but the local level as well. Our district has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state. Maddox, 75 is running for another term as State Rep for HD 172, a seat that was held by ex-Secretary of State Cathy Cox (D-Bainbridge). This is the year Maddox gets unseated from that seat, I believe given the way the GOP has cut education, continuing to give tax cuts to the special interest & to eliminate the Income Tax Cut for low-income Georgians making less that $20,000, which will affect the senior citizens the most

(2) Debra Tann (D-Valdosta) vs Jason Shaw (Lakeland) or Aleta Larger (R-Nashville)

This seat is being vacated by Jay Shaw (D-Lakeland) who was elected to the GDOT iof the 1st Congressional District. Shaw's son Jason is seeking to replace his father as State rep, but he will have to defeat Aleta Larger in the republican primary. The winner will go up against Debra Tann, a democrat who is secretary of Lowndes County Democratic Party.

(3) Fenika Miller (D-Warner Robins) vs Willie Talton (R-Warner Robins)

Talton faces his first challenger since 2006 in Fenika Miller, a moderate who is Chairwoman of the Houston County Democratic Party & works in Property Management. This is a race that is very winnable for democrats. Miller says he on the fence on whether or not to seek the HD 145 seat, but in the end quallified on Friday to seek the seat. Talton is a retired law enforcement officer, who has done very little since getting elected to the legislature.

(4) David Gault (D-Haddock) vs Susan Holmes (R-Monticello) or Mary Alice Carter (R-Mansfield)

This seat is a open seat being vacated by Jim Cole (R-Forsyth) who steped down to take a job at Mercer University. Conservative Democrat David Gault, a Jones County Commisisoner will seek the seat that was held by Curtis Jenkins who was defeated by Jim Cole in 2004. Holmes was a former mayor of Monticello, Carter is a legal assistant.

(5) Quentin Howell (D-Milledgeville) vs Rusty Kidd (I-Milledgeville)

This seat was won by Rusty Kidd back in 2009 special election when Bbbby Parham (D) was elected to the GDOT Board. Kidd will run as a Independent again against Busniess Man & Radio Host Quentin Howell who will challenge Kidd in the General Elction. Now I have no problem with Kidd & this is a long held democratic seat. I'll be happy with either candidate representing HD 141.

So what's yours?

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Andy Smith said...

House District 153, I think I am a little bias though.

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