Monday, May 24, 2010

Thurbert, Thurbert, Thurbert, this isn't going to cut it!

Thurbert Baker, that is! I've seen alot of Gen. David Poythress in small town Georgia, I've seen Roy Barnes in small town Georgia, I've seen DuBose Porter in small town Georgia, I've seen Carl Camon in small town Georgia, but.........where on earth is Thurbert Baker?

As I can recall, he made appearances in Bainbridge, Statesboro. That's it! Unless I've been asleep, I haven't heard or seen Baker in any part of rural Georgia. Let me say this: Thurbert, you got to show your face in these neck of the woods. If your campaign strategy is only appealing to black voters & urban liberals, that's not a recipe for success. Say you end up as the democratic nominee, you'll be waaaaay behind as far as a strong grassroots organization here in rural Georgia.

You have made interesting & very attractive proposals for getting Ga's economy back going again. But that won't be enough. Polls showing you trailing all of the GOP candidates in double digits. Not good sir! Unlike Poythress, Barnes, Porter, Camon who have made a committment to rural georgia, you haven't. This election is too important for the democratic party & right now you have a "WEAK" presence in rural georgia. The same 'ol strategy thr dems have used for years isn't going to work.

Right now, you are looking like the "BLACK" candidate & that's a non-starter in appealing to a more conservative leaning electorate if you advance to the general election.

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