Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rural Democrat Terry Coleman wants to be your next Labor Commissioner

Ahhhh!!!........ It's nice to see some Red Clay on the ballot this year as longtime Conservative Democrat (& I mean a real conservative democrat) Terry Coleman is back, this time gunning for his first statewide seat, the office of Labor Commissioner. Many thought he was going to run for State Agriculture Commissioner to succeed longtime Commissioner Tommy Irvin, who is retiring after 41 years, making him the longest tenured statewide official in the United States.

Coleman entry into the race for Labor Commissioner cam as a surprise to many here in the peach state. Coleman faces Darryl Hicks, a native of Taylor County, (now resides in Fayetteville) for the democratic nomination, who was going to run for Secretary of State again after failing in 2006 decided to get into the race after current commissioner Michael Thurmond entered the U.S. Senate race to take on Johnny Isakson.

Coleman was first elected to the Georgia House of Representatives back in 1972, where he served until 2004, where he retired after 32 years representing the conservative middle georgia district. He served as Speaker of the House from 2002-2004 before the GOP took control of the house mainly because of democratic party switching & retirements.

And when everyone thought he was going to enjoy retirement, then came commissioner Tommy Irvin who appointed coleman to Deputy Agriculture Commissioner in 2007, in a move may saw as Irvin was preparing coleman to replace him as Agriculture Commissioner.

But that didn't pan out as Coleman was approached by Party Members to consider runninf for Labor Commissioner after Michael Thurmond announced his bid for the U.S. Senate. And at the end of qualifying, that's what Coleman did, he decided to run for Labor Commissioner & State Senator J.B. Powell (D-Blythe), a farmer & project manager qualified to run for Agriculture Commissioner.

So why Coleman decided to run for Labor? This what he says:

With unemployment at 10%, too many of our friends and neighbors are losing their homes, their health care, and so many other things they've worked their entire lives to secure.

We can't go on like this. We must put Georgia back to work. That's why I'm running for Labor Commissioner.

There it is right there. That's good enough for me!

Words from supporters of Coleman range from: He's a man of integrity & character, he's the right man for the job, Georgia need more gentlemen like him in influential positions of goverment. I'm sure it doesn't stop there.

he has a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Brenau University and a J.D. from Woodrow Wilson College of Law. He has been awarded honorary degrees from Mercer University and the John Marshall School of Law, as well as a lifetime member of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association, the Georgia Chiefs of Police Association and the Georgia Firefighters’ Association & serves on the Board of Directors for the Bank of Dodge County and the Colony Bank Corporation.

A man who has worn many hats throughout his public & private life, Coleman maybe the person Georgia needs to get people back to work. (Not taking anything away from Michael Thurmond who has done a terrific job as Labor Commissioner), but since he is moving up the ladder for a shot at the senate, this is a time for someone with strong Georgia Values, strong leadership qualities, who wants to work for the people of Georgia & who is not interested in partisan games & show-boating.


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