Monday, May 17, 2010

Kathy Cox to drop out of State School Superintendent Race? And could it be a opening for Libertarian Kira Willis?

Over at Peach Pundit, the word is Kathy Cox will not seek re-election as Ga State School Superintendent. According to Peach Pundit, she will be starting a new job at the Education Delivery Institute. If that's the case, it will leave Richard Woods & John Barge as the only GOP candidates & it may be a opportunity for Libertarian Kira Willis to swoop in & win that seat.

Willis or Roswell began teaching 17 years ago & wants to return ABC'S to the classroom.

Her issues include:

Race to the Top (RT3)
School Choice
Quality Basic Education (QBE)
TestingLocal Community Control.

Her website is

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