Monday, May 10, 2010

Hicks Endorses Brian Westlake for State School Superintendent

From Westlake Campaign on May 7:

Past Georgia Association of Educators President (GAE) Charlie Hicks added his name to the growing list of people endorsing Brian Westlake for State School Superintendent.

Regarded as a legend by many GAE members, Mr. Hicks was a leading voice during the merger of two racially segregated teachers organizations in order to create GAE in 1970.

After the merger, Mr. Hicks went on to serve as the president of the new association. He has remained an active member of GAE and has this to say about Westlake," I have observed Brian Westlake over a period of years. I feel that he is a sincere person with great potential and will serve well as State School Superintendent of our great state of Georgia. I am pleased to support Brian and endorse him."
Mr. Hicks is the third past president of GAE to endorse Brian as he seeks the Democratic nomination for State School Superintendent.

"I am humbled by such kind words from someone who has done so much to improve the lives of so many Georgians. I am inspired by individuals like Charlie Hicks who selflessly laid a solid foundation upon which we must continue to build a bright future for generations to come," replied Westlake.

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