Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Georgia Democrats need to lose the Kumbaya Image & start to develop a "Tough as Nails" Mentality.

If you asked any Republican why he or she is a Republican, it would take about 10 seconds to say lower taxes, smaller government and a strong defense. Yes, these are simplistic statements that leave out a host of important issues, but it does strike at the core of the Republican Party.

When asking the Democrats the same, many have to think for a second before answering. That's a sign that all isn't well.

The failure to have a clear and concise agenda from which to speak makes it difficult for anyone to embrace your party. When precious time is spent explaining where you stand, most people have tuned you out and turned you off.

If the Democratic Party want any chance of becoming a force in this state once again, then they must do several critical things:

Make clear what a 2010 Georgia Democrat is. The strength of the party is its diversity, and that is also its weakness. The GOPers are pretty much in agreement, save for a few moderates, (wait a minute, there are no moderates in the Georgia GOP) But when you have so many interest groups vying for attention, ethnic groups, labor, environmentalists, gays and lesbians, that makes it hard to establish a coherent message. Democrats can't please every segment of the population & that in my opinion is one of their biggest problems. Maybe its time to cut some of these folks out of the party.

Find some pit bulls, rottweilers, and let them loose. The Democrats ALWAYS play nice politics. DAMN THAT! They keep bringing a knife to a gunfight and wonder why more of them are sent to the morgue. These guys need a cadre of men and women who are going to spit out a more mainstream party message with fire, venom & with spunk. Honey ain't getting them that many votes right now.

Get rid of these far-left democrats. When voters have to choose between a far-left liberal democrat and a more moderate/conservative democrat, they'll go for the former. When Democrats explain exactly what a Democrat is, they will have a better shot at getting folks to buy into their program. Too many wings in the democratic party. The party of Nunn (Sam), Miller (Zell) need to come back & take hold of the party again like it had prior to 2002.

Develop some stars. Who can carry the Democratic banner? The State Democratic bench is very weak. Some say Roy Barnes had his shot, and someone else needs to step up & take hold of the democratic torch like Gen. Poythress, DuBose Porter, Thurbert Baker, Carl Camon. Its possible that every statewide office may go republican this year, & there's a chance it all could go democratic, or it could be a bi-partisan.

If the Georgia Democratic Party continues down its present path, we might as well look at splitting the party into two, especially if democrats perform poorly at the polls this year 'cause this state is fast becoming a one-horse town, and that is never good for anyone.

Get rid some of these Black Atlanta Democrats who just got a title of State Rep. or State Senator on the front of their desk & replace then with more moderate/conservative democrats with a "Im a go-getta attitude" like Shawn James, who is running for HD 75. Let's face it, the GOP have NO RESPECT for the Black Metro Atlanta Democrats save for a few like Roger Bruce, Emaunel Jones, Mike Glanton, just to name a few. The amswer is for democrats need to weed out the ineffective black legislators & replace them with moderate/conservative black democrats, even court some black republicans & convince them to switch parties & run as conservative democrats.

While the GOP have been absolutely atrocious when it comes to governing this state, there are none better when it comes to keeping their troops in line. While most Democrats are wedded to independent thought, they tend not to want to adopt the Republican tactic of forcing members to toe the party line. But the GOP is using the Democratic party's idealism against them, so if the Democratic Party wants to survive in this cut-throat political environment, they're going to have to get use to adding practical political tactics to their ideals.

Time to get tough democrats! Stop being the nice guy!!

Like on Crime for instance: I like to see a democrat who believes that every person inherently knows right from wrong, whether they were raised by harlot on the mean streets of Southside Atlanta, or by a wealthy Episcopal minister in the ritzy 'burbs of Alpharetts. They know that the solution to violent crime is to beat the hell out of the perpetrators, not someone know that when someone commits a crime, it is society that has failed and should have to pay in the form of higher taxes and reduced freedom. NO!

When you are perceived as too nice, the voters may take that as saw as a weakness.



GP Hughes said...

You're right. The Republicans have it down pat. Lower taxes and smaller government.

I've not had anyone say it in so many words, but the basic battle cry of the Democrats this election season seems to be ... 'good government' ... you know, pragmatic, competent, efficient, aboveboard, honest and ethical government by folks who understand that doing the job right means keeping your hands out of the damn till.

Keith said...

That Good Government argument isn't going to work this election cycle. While the GOP only relay simple messages that are easy for the average voter to understand, democrats got to go all around jump street just to get to their point. That loses voters, as wll as trun voters off.

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