Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Real Deal" Nathan Deal made a stop in Lagrange on Wednesday

Gubernatorial Candidate Nathan Deal made a appearance in Lagrange at the LaGrange Rotary Club. Deal said Wednesday the health-care debate didn’t cause the divisiveness around the country, but did help it reach its climax. Deal said the health-care legislation likely would have passed with Republican and Democratic support if it had been taken in “smaller bites.” Many Republicans did support efforts to make health care available to those with pre-existing conditions and buy insurance across state lines.

Instead, Congress is fractured, many Democrats have announced intentions to retire or not run again and the nation’s economy still is uncertain how the affects of the legislation will play out. Some believe the discord could last until the midterm elections later this year and cause power in the House and Senate to shift back to Republicans.

But he also said there are opportunities, however, for Georgia to take advantage of some provisions of the health-care bill. Medical device manufacturing is recognized as an emerging industry and there will be more creation and testing of certain drugs, he said.

Deal wants Georgia to be in a position to recruit the companies and have clinical trials for the drugs at hospitals and clinics in the state

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