Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lester Jackson (D) Passes on Challenge to John Barrow for the 12th District

State Senator Lester Jackson (D-Savannah) took a pass at running against John Barrow for the 12th Congressional District in the democratic primary & instead will run for re-election to SD 2.

Jackson, a moderate democrat was thought as a potential candidate to Conservative Democrat John Barrow, mainly for his vote against Healthcare Reform. Former State Senator Regina Thomas has already filed a challenge to Barrow in the July Democratic Primary. She got 24% of the vote against Barrow in the '08 primary.

Barrow's vote against President Obama's most important legislative priority is being viewed by some as a slap in the face, especially after Obama and members of the Congressional Black Caucus stood by congressman Barrow to help him win a primary challenge against thomas in the '08 primary.

Jackson in addition to runnin for re-election will hit the campaign trail for Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond, who is challenging Johnny Isakson for the U.S. Senate.

Jackson say he has spoken with Barrow, and the two still don't see eye-to-eye on the new law. "As politicians we will agree to disagree," Jackson said.

Barrow dodged a huge bullet in Jackson, who could have defeated Barrow in the July 20 primary had he decided to challenge Barrow. Barrow has just won re-election. Jackson is a At-Large Member of the DNC.

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