Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jim Marshall Meets With Local Business Leaders up in Jasper County

Congressman Jim Marshall (D) was in Monticello last Thursday inquiring how things are going and to find out what he could do for Jasperites, or any other subject anyone wanted to discuss about what’s going on in Washington D.C.

Marshall said he wanted to talk to representatives from the three Georgia Pacific plants in the county, but for varying reason, none attended the meeting.

However, the following business leaders were in attendance: Robert Jordan of Jordan Engineering; Walter Smith of Smith & Sons Funeral Home, Steve Jordan of the Bank of Monticello, Janell Wild of McIntosh State Bank, Katherine Alexander of Joyce McDonald Real Estate and the Monticello City Council, Phillip and Miriam Jordan of Jordan Funeral Home, Gretchen Pruett of Century 21, HeartLand Realty; Rachel Moon-Martin of The Salon, Benny Bostic of Monticello Family Foods, City Manager Bob Schwartz and Mayor Glenn Newsome.

Marshall said that Jasper County is not unique in this situation, and that in the 21 counties in his district some are worse than others. He continued by saying, “It started out as a housing problem and then went to the financial sector, and when that happens it takes longer to recover. Signs are encouraging, but my prediction is it will take longer to recover in rural areas.”

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