Thursday, April 8, 2010

Did Black Legislators Walk Out on John Barrow during a appearance at the State Capitol?

That's the word I got today from a democratic insider that during a visit recently at the Georgia State Capitol by Congressman John Barrow, a Conservative Democrat from Savannah, right after he voted "NO" on the Healthcare Reform Bill that members of the Black Caucus got up & walked out of a room where Barrow was going to address the Democratic Caucus & explain why he voted against the Healthcare Reform Bill.

Barrow, 54, a three-term democrat has come under fire from Black Voters over in the 12th District over his vote against passage of the Healthcare Reform Legislation pushed by President Obama. He already ahs a primary challenge from Regina Thomas, a former democratic State Senator from Savannah & rumors are swirling that State Senator Lester Jackson, a moderate democrat from savannah could make a run against Barrow.

How much trouble Barrow is in over in the 12th remains to be seen, but if opposition continue to rise against Barrow conservative voting record, Barrow could be in for the fight of his political life in the democratic primary. If he gets pass that, he will cruise to re-election against one of the republican neophyte candidates running over in the 12th.

Back to Jackson, here's why a candidacy by the State Senator could be a game-changer:

He was appointed by President Obama to the Democratic National Committee as a at-large member. And remember what Obama said: he will not support any democrat who opposed the healthcare bill, incumbent or not. And with Jackson's connections with the DNC, he won't have a problem raising the money needed to take on Barrow.

If I was Barrow, I would fear a Lester Jackson candidacy that a Regina Thomas bid. Just my two cents.

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