Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dailykos Poll on Ga-Senate Race

I found this on the Dailykos Website

Johnny Isakson (R) 50%

Thurbert Baker (D) 34%

Johnny Isakson (R) 53%

Michael Thurmond (D) 26%

Here's their analysis:

Since no first-tier Democrats have actually taken the plunge against Isakson, we tested one statewide official who is not ensconced in the gubernatorial race (Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond), and we tested the possibility of Baker seeing the writing on the wall vis-a-vis Roy Barnes and jumping races. Baker holds Isakson to 50% of the vote, which is pretty middling for a Senator who is the most popular statewide politician that we tested (54/38 spread on his favorability). That might be a sign that no one in Washington is immune right now from at least some angry stares from the voting public.

It seems the Kos crown forgot that we have a candidate already (RJ hadley) who has announced & it why didn't they poll Hadley against isakson?

Let's say Thurmond did enter the senate race, those numbers would be much higher that 26%, likely around the low 40% range & Isakson wold be in the low to mid 40% range. As for Baker, probably in the high 30% range & Isakson in the mid to upper 40% range. Again this is just my opinion.

Does the Dailykos know something we don't know? Who knows, but it interesting.

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