Thursday, February 4, 2010

RJ Hadley, DuBose Porter to Court the Christian Conservative Vote on Saturday

On Saturday Democrats DuBose Porter, candidate for governor & RJ Hadley, candidate for the U.S. Senate will speak at the Georgia Christian Alliance's 2010 Faith, Family, & Freedom Kickoff at Riverwood High School Gym in Atlanta, Ga.

The event will start at 10 a.m. & will last til 3 p.m. Both men will speak in the Afternoon session of the event. This is by far the largest event for conservative christians for the entire year. I'm happy to see two of our democrats go & court the christian vote, which is usually not courted by the democratic party. This is what its going to take if the democrats want to start winning again in the state.

Let's face it, groups like these are major players on the state level. Democrats maynot win the majority of them, ut it sure would be nice to get a chuck of these voters that may prove crucial in this year's elections & beyond. My hat's off to Dubose & RJ for going into what liberals may call the "Lion's Den"!

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