Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jobs Bill Passes by a 70-28 Vote

Harry Reid's $15 billion jobs bill just passed the Senate on a surprising 70-28 vote, meaning a solid dozen Republicans broke ranks with their leaders on final passage, after the GOP fought the package for the past week.

Republicans who voted yes: Lamar Alexander, Kit Bond, Scott Brown, Richard Burr, Susan Collins, Orrin Hatch, James Inhofe, George Lemieux, Lisa Murkowski, Olympia Snowe, George Voinovich and Roger Wicker. (Democrat Ben Nelson voted no).

You noticed Our two senatore Saxby Chambliss & Johnny Isakson, who is up for re-election voted against the Jobs Bill.

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Anonymous said...

The more I learn about RJ Hadley - the better I like him. As the generic poll shows Isakson is beatable by an unnamed Democrat. RJ is going to have to register a lot of voters to pull it off but I think an Obama style operation can win. But RJ? Obama also raised $700 million across the country!

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