Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Camden County Continues to Feel the Pain.

With 80 percent of the anticipated tax revenues collected to date, Camden's finance director says he expects county's "adapt-as-we-go" style of budgeting to continue as two-thirds of property tax appeals are still waiting to be addressed by the board of equalization.

The board of equalization is running over budget already due to the high number of reassessment appeals filed last year.

The remaining 4,400 property tax appeals, which are worth $340,000 to the county's anticipated tax digest, are a top priority, said Camden County Finance Director Mike Fender. In addition, the board of equalization is already operating $10,000 in the red. The county is obligated to fund the shortfall and future operating expenses because the board of equalization is still working to resolve two-thirds of the county's outstanding appeals.

Tax collection rates have been slow, he said. The county is still waiting to collect the remaining 20 percent of anticipated property tax revenue that is worth $3 million to county tax coffers. During the Camden County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, Fender said county manager Steve Howard and the equalization board chairman have planned to work on a plan to find more funding so that the county can complete the appeals process.

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