Monday, January 11, 2010

Vincent Who?

Well the Democrats have finally have a candidate for Lt. Governor.
No, its not Tim Golden, No, its not Michael Meyer von Bremen.
It's Vincent Passariello of Snellville, Ga.
He's what I know about Mr. Passariello:
Passariello is a part-time pilot with the U.S. Coast Guard and has master’s degrees in business and engineering. He is currently an engineer with Newton County.

He challenged Gwinnett Co. Commission Chairman Charles Bannister for the seat back in 2008 in which he got 40% of the vote.
He's a native of Italy, who at age 6 immigrated with his parents to Venezuela. He came to the United States, to Michigan Tech, to study engineering, obtained his degree, and returned to his parents' home in Venezuela, and taught for five years at a college there. He eventually headed that school's co-op program, working with students to get them jobs between terms in school, similar to the Georgia Tech co-op program. He met his wife, also an engineer, while at the college. Mr. Passariello and his wife came to this country in 1979.

So much for Top-Tier Candidate for Lt. Governor for the democrats, but I still expect for some upper-tier candidate to run for Lt. Governor. I wish Mr. Passariello good luck & wish him all the best

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