Monday, January 11, 2010

(Updated)Second Guessing from Passariello on the Lt. Governor Office?

Now word has it that Vincent Passariello is being pressured by Mike Berlon, chairman odf the Gwinnett County Democratic Party & 1st District Chair & Steve Delk to reconsider the Lt. Governor's Race & now will wait after the session to weigh his options.
See this is why Democrats are in the shape they are in right now.
Maybe I need to take matters in my own hands & find someone who "REALLY" wants to run! Enough of these neophytes & lets find someone worth supporting!

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Unknown said...

C'mon man, at least get my name right : )

I talk Vincent from time to time. We discussed a couple of races on Saturday but he never mentioned the Lt. Gov race to me. This popped up Monday morning when I received a WTF email from a friend.

He asks me what I think and I tell him. I have no control over him running or not.

Do I think he should run for Lt. Gov? No. Do I think he has a future as an elected official? Yes.
He asked me and I responded. If he wants to run, he can.

Steve Deak

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