Thursday, January 14, 2010

Labor Commissioner Mike Thurmond Still Pondering the Lt. Governor's Race

I thought this book was closed, but apparently its not. Yesterday Michael Thurmond is said to be considering entering the Lt. Governor's Racd to take on Casey Cagle (R) in this year's elections. My thought was that given the current economic crisis that is facing this state that thurmond would remain at Labor & then move up the ladder & make a run at Saxby Chambliss U.S. Senate seat in 2014, or Governor.
As Labor Commissioner, Thurmond can talk about teh No 1 issue facing Georgians today: JOBS. He would have a immediate advantage over Cagle when it comes to the issue of jos & what's needed to revive our sagging Job Market. You can say why not run for the U.S. Senate & run on reviving our Nation's economy. No one up in D.C. seems to have a clue on what to do to revive our economy which is at its worst since the 1930s. His background would put him at a huge advantage over Johnny Isakson, who's only concern is to avoid a primary challenge from another republican. But back to the Lt. Governor race, if he were to run, he would have a "legitimate" shot at defeating Cagle. Thurmond's cross appeal with white voters who are more on the conservative side would be a huge plus, especially here in Rural Georgia.

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