Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guns, Guns, Guns!

Do Having More Guns Equals Less Crime? You be the Judge.
Give a gun to each person in the United States - desiring to lawfully carry it for self defense. This person must be a law abiding citizen (no criminal record, age 21 , no mental history, you know...responsible). Make sure he/she knows how to use it for self defense (proper training). You'll see violent crime drop substantially.
Here's the obvious: If you're a criminal - do you break into a house where a little old lady will shoot you or where a helpless victim is easy prey?
If you're a criminal - do you care anything about the law? Obviously not! Isn't it naive to believe criminals will follow gun control laws?
Why have we let our government legislate us into becoming potential victims? Criminals have guns while law-abiding citizens are left helpless.
Why should criminals carry guns while law-abiding citizens are prohibited?

Why add more gun control laws when criminals clearly ignore existing gun control laws?

Any gun control that restricts law-abiding citizens is ridiculous - we're not the people who commit crimes.
More guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens will lower crime and make the world a better place. This is only my opinion.

There is a Gun Bill sponsered by State Rep. Timothy Bearden (R-Villa Rica) that would allow citizens to carry guns to public gatherings. His Bill Clarify that citizens be allowed to carry concealed weapons where the property owners allow. Nothing wrong with that!
But I'm not in favor of allowing guns to carried into churches. & I'm skeptical of us allowing guns on college campuses, (remember the Virginia Tech Tragedy) & into pre-school & Daycare centers. Now I'm a Pro-Gun Second Admendment Democrat, but why should anyone take a gun into the House of the Lord on Sundays? Or into a pre-school, daycare centers? College campuses, I'm not really sure about that. What goes through my mind is what if a situation like the one at Virginia Tech were to happen at the University of Georgia, Georgia Southern, Ft. Valley State, Georgia Tech? That's my concern if we begin to allow guns on our college campuses & as for churches: No way! Public gatherings like a sporting event or a high school graduation, Why not? Let gun owners take their guns to a public gathering. Nothing wrong with that.

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