Thursday, January 7, 2010

Griffin Lotson to run for State Agriculture Commissioner in 2010

Griffin Lotson will run for State Agriculture Commissioner, he said in a message I received late last night. Lotson is the first democrat to jump into the race to succeed retiring incumbent Tommy Irvin (D) at the position. Lotson last ran for statewide office back in 2006 for Lt. Governor & previously ran for mayor of Darien back in 2003, only losing by a narrow margin. Lotson would be the first African-American to become Georgia's Agriculture Commissioner if elected.
Other possibilities for Ag Commissioner include: Deputy Commissioner Terry Coleman (D-Eastman), Rand Knight (D-Atlanta) & a new name mentioned on Georgia Politics Unfiltered, State Senator J.B. Powell (D-Blythe).
There are two republicans who have announced their intentions for Ag Commissioner & they are 2006 candidate Gary Black, president of Georgia Agribusiness Council & Darwin Carter, an ex-USDA Official.
Lotson is a Businessman & CEO of Sams Memorial Community Economic Development,Inc, a prominently Nationally Award winning Non-Profit Organization & served as a National White House Consultant on Faith-Based & Community Programs & worked as a consultant for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In addition, he is a pastor at the Church of God in Christ in Darien, Ga

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Anonymous said...

Interesting article but you forgot to mention that he got beat badly for Mayor in 2007. I think he just got beat last november in a race for city council. I think he got like 20 percent of the vote. He also lost a bid for soil and water conservation in november of 2008.

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