Tuesday, January 5, 2010

From Last Summer: Keynote address by Rep. Dubose Porter addressing threats to southeast Georgia by the proposed coal-fired power plant near Sandersvil

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Anonymous said...

Hell yeah DUBOSE! Let me add, neither the EPA nor GaDNR makes the coal plants monitor their heavy metal discharges OR the coal ash. You know, coal ash, the stuff that broke outta that dam in Tennessee and blanketed that town. The stuff that's left over from coal after you burn away the carbon? The EPA classifies coal ash & scrubber sludge as non toxic ... therefore that stuff IS SOLD & PUT INTO DRYWALL! In 2009 EPA was supposed to revisit the toxic/nontoxic question but they've delayed a decision. If they decide the right thing, coal ash & scrubber sludge will be the new asbestos and IN ALL OUR HOMES.

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