Saturday, January 9, 2010

Campaign Finance Discolsures

Roy Barnes Raised $2.7 Million (Total)
David Poythress Raised $202,758.00 ($663,265.20 Total)
DuBose Porter raised $141,687.00 ($373,437.00) Total
Thurbert Baker raised $665,642.56 ($1.3 million Total)
Attorney General
Ken Hodges raised $230,973.00 ($351,307.36 Total)
Rob Teilhet raised $148,026.99 ($351,596.26 Total)
Secretary of State Gary Horlacher raised $110,850.96 ($278,479.91 Total) Michael Mills raised $13,229.00 (13,229.00 Total)
Agriculture Commissioner
Terry Coleman (Potential Candidate) Shows $10,217.00 In the Bank. Not Good for someone who is rumored to run for Statewide Office (Commissioner of Agriculture)
Lt. Governor
Casey Cagle (R) has $1.474,148.09 Total Contributions on Hand.

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