Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tony McBrayer to run for Austin Scott's House District 153 Seat in 2010.

TIFTON — Local business owner and Tifton resident, Tony McBrayer, announced Tuesday he is running for the open State House District 153 seat being vacated by Austin Scott, who has announced his bid for governor in 2010. McBrayer will be running as a Republican.

McBrayer, in a press release, stated “I am excited to announce my candidacy for State House and I look forward to earning the trust and support of my neighbors in this district. I thank Rep. Scott for his 14 years of service to our area, and I will strive to continue this tradition of dedicated public service.”

McBrayer wrote he is “running to ensure that conservative Christian leadership has a strong voice in Atlanta. As your next state representative, I will stand strong for the values in which we believe. I will stand strong in support of reforming the property tax system that drives our families and farmers off their land, lower taxes, cutting wasteful spending, attracting jobs, state rights and our conservative South Georgia values.”

Another open seat for the democrats to compete for. There is no excuse for demcorats to field another candidate for this seat. If they want to win this seat, then I suggest they persuade John Tibbetts to run for third time. He already has built-in support from his previous two runs & would be the favorite if he ran.

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