Monday, December 7, 2009

Still Waiting?

The office for Lieutenant Governor & Agriculture Commissioner are still without a democrat in the race. This is getting ridiculous. Why on earth is any democrat running for Lt. Governor against a man who has a cloud hanging over his head, as far as ethics goes who dropped out of the governor's race because of health issues & that he couldn't ran a statewide campaign because of it, but will run for re-eelection for Lt. Governor which will require him to run "STATEWIDE" anyway & has failed to pass major legislation with bi-partisan support?
I am scratching my head on this one?
And democrats still don't have a candidate running for Agriculture Commissioner. The name of Terry Coleman is the name that keeps being mentioned as a possibility. But he hasn't made such a announcement on this front & I'm starting to wonder will democrats have a candidate at all! Agriculture is the No. 1 economic industry in the state & is one of the most powerful industries in the state. But no one has stepped up to the plate yet to run for the position.
Here are the possible candidates democrats ought to consider for these offices:
Lt. Governor:
Former State Senator Michael Meyer von Bremen (D-Albany).
Like I said before, he would be the ideal candidate to run against Cagle. von Bremen is not in office right now, so democrats won't have to worry about losing a seat next year. He knows the state senate well having served there for 10 yrs, he is a rural democrat & a moderate.
State Senator Tim Golden (D-Valdosta)
Again. the ideal candidate to run against Cagle. Golden is a conservative democrat who gets high rating from the pro-business groups, the National Rifle Association, etc. He is well respected by all members of the chamber, he has a outstanding record of accomplishments during his time as State Senator. He is a former aide to Senator Sam Nunn & Congressman Charles Hatcher & is a tax cutter.
Or democrats can go with an outsider, someone who is not tied to the establishment of Atlanta Politics. I've been getting emails from folks who think one of the current candidates for governor should drop down to Lt. Governor.
Not Thurbert Baker.
Not David Poythress
Not Dubose Porter
Not Roy Barnes
They're talking about Carl Camon.
Now I have no idea if Carl would do such a thing. According to his campaign manager Jameson Brewer, Camon is in the race for governor & intends to win. I've met Carl on two different occasions & let me say he is the type of democrat the party needs if they want to turn over a new leaf & start winning in the state again because democrats tend to go back to the same 'ol recycled politicians of the past to run in statewide races like Jim Martin ('06 Lt. Governor, '08 U.S. Senate), Mary Squires ('04 U.S. Senate, '10 State Insurance Commissioner) for example.
They need to move away from that & start putting up new faces like Carl Camon, Ken Hodges, Rob Teilhet, etc & stop going back to re-threads like Roy Barnes, (no offense to the ex-governor), but democrats can do better that this. But back to Camon, his platform is just like everyone else's: Education, Transportation, & the creation of a Georgia Families Initiative which (1) Reduce domestic violence
(2) Stiffer penalties for child abuse & neglect
(3) Enact statewide office of youth leadership
(4) Support services for strengthening the familiy.
Camon has a great deal of experience at the state, local & national level & I think he would make a great general election candidate. His message is tailored to a general election. As you know liberals run the primary & I don't know how his meaasge would be received by the liberals in the state, but in a general election, it would play well to that middle-of-the-road audience.
Agriculture Commissioner:
It's Terry Coleman job if he wants it.
As Deputy Agriculture Commissioner, he has the inside track to the AG Industry in the state. Plus with Tommy Irvin at his side, he would be the odds-on favorite to keep that office in democratic control. Coleman hails from Dodge County, a bastion of conservative democrats where he represented HD 144 for 34 years as State Rep. & later Speaker of the House. Given his location (Middle Georgia), he has a advantage over the annouced republicans as far as rural georgia goes. His candidacy would help strengthened the democratic ticket down the ballot. I hope he runs because we need a steady hand to keep this industry at it peak. This state doesn't have the time to elect someone that needs on the job training.
So I hope soon enough, a democrat step forward to run for these two offices. With the problems the Georgia GOP is facing right now & charges of ethical violations & corruption being throwned their way, if democrats drop the ball next year they did in 2008, they might as well get used to being in the wilderness for the next 2o years.

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