Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Profile: Joseph Mann candidate for State Senate District 51

I normally don't venture into North Georgia, but in this case I wanted to.
Meet Joseph Mann, who will be running for the State Senate next year up in North Georgia where he will take on Chip Pearson (R-Dawsonville). I talked with Joseph on friday night & let me say this man knows his stuff. First some background:
Joseph has been a lifelong resident of Fannin County Ga and an active member of the community. He lives in Mineral Bluff Georgia with his wife, Jennifer and they have two wonderful children, Noah and Faith,both of whom attend Fannin County public schools. They are expecting their third child in Febuary. Joseph's democratic background extends back to his Great- great grandparents and has been passed down to his own children. His parents, both strong democrats, are well known in the community, as is Joseph. His father owns a Real Estate office and is the broker of the office. His mother is and has been a CRNA for 20 years and gives anesthesia at Fannin Reginal Hospital. Joseph and Jennifer are both active committee members with the Fannin County democratic party and Joseph was Chairman of the party at age 21.
He attended College at Georgia Tech and Reinhardt College then returned back home to Blue Ridge to work in land development and real estate. He has been active with Habitat for Humanity, Feed Fannin, works with the youth group at his church, and is an active participant with the local Relay for Life. He has also been a part of the Sierra Club, NRDC, and the Upper Chattahoochee River Keepers.
Joseph is a true blue democrat running in an area deemed as apolitical graveyard for democrats, but I'm happy to see Joseph Mann & Mike Freeman (who is running for the 9th congressional district in 2010) step up to the plate up there in that tough region. I really do think Joseph has a good chance up there in SD 51. His knowledge of the top issue facing the state: "Water" is so great that democrats need to go all out in helping Joseph pickup that Senate seat. Im not going to go into great detail about our conservsation, but it was a good I will tell that. We talked about a whole range of issues like water, statewide races, the turmoil in the Georgia GOP, etc. I'll have more to say about Joseph as next years election rolls around, but I kinda wish he was running statewide instead of running a local race.
GO to www.Georgia51.com to learn more about Joseph Mann.

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