Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Parker Griffith still faces a Tough Primary Despite his switch to the GOP

The Huntsville Times notes Rep. Parker Griffith (R-AL), who switched parties yesterday, still faces a very tough Republican primary if he expects to retain his seat.

Hotline On Call reports the Club for Growth criticized Griffith "for his votes in favor of some Dem priorities, and he already has other candidates in the race against him. If anything, Tea Party activists could see a GOP-held seat with no viable Dem contender, so far, as the perfect chance to campaign against a DC insider with a less than perfect voting record."

The symbolism of a party switch is devastating for Democrats, but it will quickly fade if Griffith's re-election race becomes another fight for the soul of the Republican party.

Meanwhile, one key data point that probably helped Griffith make the move: SurveyUSA shows President Obama's approval rating in Northern Alabama at just 30%.

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