Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Primaries or Caucuses until Feb. 2012

Frank Leone, a DNC member from Viriginia, reports on the weekend's meetings to schedule 2012 presidential nominating contests.

"As to timing, the discussion was relatively brief and consistent with prior discussions -- Iowa/NH/SC/Nevada can go after Feb. 1, every other state goes after March 1, the rules should encourage regional clusters by offering incentives such as bonus delegates, the RBC will address enforcement procedures and sanctions, and the DNC will try to coordinate timing with the RNC rules committee. The RNC coordination process is ongoing."

Obviously, no final decisions have been made but that's the thinking so far.
What the DNC needs to do is to change the states that play a role in determining how the democrats elect their nominee.
Instead of being Iowa, Hew Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, etc, it should be Iowa, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Oklahoma, etc.
The way the process is set up now it plays right into the hands of the liberal candidate & a moderate or conservative democrat doesn't stand a chance unless the process goes late into the spring like in 2008 when Hillary Clinton won more states that was middle-of0the-road than the more liberal ones that Pres. Obama won earlier. My format have alot more balance: Iowa (Liberal), West Virginia (Moderate), New Hampshire (Independent), Mississippi (Conservative), Oklahoma (Conservative). But the more liberal members of the DNC wouldn't go for that. If think I'm wrong, then check this out:
Late U.S. Senator Herman Talmadge (D-GA) on the Democratic Party
He was right then & its still true today.

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