Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Griffin Lotson to run Statewide in 2010?

According to Andre Walker over at Georgia Politics Unfiltered, former Lt. Governor Candidate Griffin Lotson is considering a run for State Agriculture Commissioner in 2010. Lotson hails from the coastal Georgia city of Darien & would be the only democrat from that part of the state to run statewide if he chose to.
For months the names of Rand Knight of Atlanta & Dodge County Democrat Terry Coleman, who is Deputy Agriculture Commissioner hae continued to come up as possibilities to replace Irvin. Agriculture is the No. 1 Economic Industry in Georgia & its a surprise that a single democrat hasn't come forward yet to announce a run. I say go for it Griffin?
H/T to Andre Walker over at Georgia Politics Unfiltered


RuralDem said...


Coleman would be my top choice then Lotson.

If Knight ran and become the Democratic nominee, I'd simply skip the race when I vote.

Anonymous said...

Lotson just lost his 10th election and garnered only 19% of the vote in a city council race his own ward. He says he will continue to run until he wins something though.

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