Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Colquitt/Miller County Chamber of Commerce holds First Friday Breakfast Meeting

The Colquitt/Miller County members and guests of Chamber of Commerce enjoyed the monthly First Friday Breakfast meeting.
Chairman Anthony Cobb welcomed the large crowd, special guest, Representative Gerald Greene, and thanked Birdsong Peanut for hosting the meeting.

Chairman Cobb then asked for community reports from those present. Some who reported were

Leigh Thompson told of how her program was working with the U.S. Census to recruit people to work.

Hope Cleveland reported on the DFACS Secret Santa program.

Billy Roland from the Spring Creek Recreation Board stated that the Christmas lights at Spring Creek Park would be turned on over the weekends, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the entire week of Christmas.

COC President Veryl Cocky announced that Representative Gerald Greene (D-Cuthbert) and Senator John Bullock (R-Ocklocnee) would be the featured speakers at the next First Friday Breakfast in January 2010.

A report was given on the new COC sponsored Leadership Conference by Representative Greene and Terry Taylor.

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