Thursday, December 3, 2009

House Democratic Caucus must have gone Brain Dead when they created this mailer aimed at Rusty Kidd. I'm sure going to miss DuBose in that Chamber.

I was alert to this flyer by another conservative democrat Jay Stalnaker of Taylor County, who goes by the name of RuralDem for those who are familiar with blogs Peach Pundit & Tondees Tavern, late last night. As you can see above, it blast Rusty Kidd for using lobbyist money to hire strippers, & how he used them. And to top it all off, it has at the very bottom of the flier, it reads: Vote for Angela Moore for Secretary of State & Vote for Mary Squires for State Insurance Commissioner.
What on earth are the democratic caucus doing creating such a flier with the names of statewide candidates at the bottom in small print. It gives the impression that both Mary Squires & Angela Moore endorsed the flier.
Angela Moore might as well drop out of the race right now because she doesn't stand a chance of winning the democratic nomination as I do defeating Georga Hooks for State Senate 14. As for Mary Squires, she is the only democrat so far that has announced a run for State Insurance Commissioner, but that may all chance if State Rep. Keith Heard (D-Athens) decides to run, which is probably likely. Why she would even have her name on this flier is beyond me. And I know DuBose Porter didn't have a hand in this at all. The Democratic Party of Georgia is already running low with cash & this is just a waste of money that could have been stashed away to help fund democratic challengers in 2010 for local races. Sigh!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

they put "vote for angela moore and mary squires" because the state party can't contribute money to a state house race, unless it is for a "slate." this is a technical way of legally getting around the state campaign finance laws... you may have noticed the the DPG bought yards signs for Kasim Reed's campaign, in small print it also said vote for Kathy Ashe and Vincent Fort.

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