Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Many Democratic Voters in Rural Areas Vote Republican when it comes to Gun Rights.

Many Democrats have voted for Republican candidates because of the official Republican position on gun control. The scare tactics used by Republican organizations include attacks on the "Jack Booted Thugs of the ATF" to the statement that the "Democrats will take away your hunting rifle if you don't vote Republican". This highly successful campaign has alienated a strong group of former Democratic voters. Most Democratic gun owners, however, have recognized the political fallacy of the Republican attack and remained loyal to the Democratic Party.

I agree with the authorities who believe there is a need for controls on firearms to limit their easy access by the criminal community. I agree that background checks, waiting periods, and tighter regulations on dealers are necessary steps to attain this goal. I do not agree with the fringe groups who want to disarm decent American citizens. Their contention that the presence of a firearm in the home increases crime is exactly opposite of the reality. Any unbiased evaluation of world history will show that crime is reduced by arming the citizens.

Criminals prey on the vulnerable and avoid those who are capable of defending themselves. A simple survey of crime victims will demonstrate this. Women, the elderly, children, and men disabled by alcohol or for other reasons are much more likely to be victims of violent crime than other groups. Arming the vulnerable reduces the likelihood of criminal attack.

Several states have enacted concealed carry laws in recent years in spite of the opposition by anti-firearm groups. This alone should demonstrate the American public's recognition that there is a need for self defence beyond the responsibility of the police. Reasonable control on gun owners is a good idea. Disarming America will result in anarchy.

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