Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why do so many people who live in cities lump all rural communities together?

Community-Oriented rural people are, perceived to harvest their neighbor's crop before their own is harvested or hold a fundraiser for someone who gets sick and has high medical bills. And while it's true that some small towns do these things, not all of them do.
Just like cities, every rural community has a different feel to it, a different personality. Some small towns have a great sense of community, others do not. Certain rural schools emphasize entrepreneurship, others produce good sports teams, or they do both or do neitherThere are small towns bursting with pride in their community, and it shows. When residents believe that they live somewhere special and valuable, they take care of their town. The shop at local businesses, attend high school sporting events, greet each other on the street, at the post office, and in the cafe. When they see someone new in town, they tend to be friendly because the mark of a proud community is wanting others to feel welcome.
Towns who have lost their pride watch hopelessly as businesses on Main Street close and no one does anything to save or replace them. Their waves of hello don't have the positive energy, and when you walk into the local bar, they're likely to give you a look that says, "Why on earth would you choose to come here?"

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