Monday, November 9, 2009

What will be the fallout for Barrow & Marshall for their "NO" votes on the Healthcare Legislation.

You see it on blogs like Blog for Democracy the disappointment of Democrats by the votes of Jim Marshall & John Barrow against the House Version of the Healthcare Legislation.
So what will democrats do?
I hear alot of talk about how they need to be kicked out of the democratic party, or they need to have primary challengers. Let me say this, I would rather have a Jim Marshall, a John Barrow as my congressman that a Rabid- Right Winger, who would only cater to its Base that is increasingly growing more extreme by the day. I would have loved to see both of our Conservative Democratic Congressmen vote "Yes" for the Legislation, given how it would improve Healthcare for Rural Georgians, but I'm not mad, or disappointed at them. I'm kinda surprised that Barrow would voted against the bill, given that Obama won the District back in 2008.
So ask yourself, who would knockoff Jim Marshall or John Barrow in a Primary? I hear Regina Thomas is considering another challenge to Barrow, but even if she were to win in the primary, she would get clobbered in the General Election. The best bet for democrats is for Barrow to (1) Run for U.S. Senate, or (2) Come home to run for State Agriculture Commissioner in 2010. That's it and then recruit a moderate like a Josh Lanier of Statesboro, or State Senator J.B. Powell(D-Blythe) to run for the 12th District Seat.
The Same for Jim Marshall, either persuade Him to run for the Senate, or have someone like former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis to run against him next year & even if he were to beat Marshall, he wouldn't stand a chance in the General Election.
So before people start to talk about how awful they are, it could be much worse. The 8th could Have Mac Collins, or Rick Goddard & the 12th could have Max Burns. And before people start talking about primary challenges to both men, you better ask yourself can that person win in a General Election?
Powell could win, Lanier, could win. Regina Thomas? No way. C. Jack Ellis? Hell No? And it's not because they are African-American. A liberal Democrat can't win in either of those districts the way they are made up right now. That's the bottom line. And both Thomas & Ellis would get slaughtered in a General Election.

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