Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nathan Deal still at it

When it comes to the issue of President Obama birth certificate. Deal was still calling on the president to show his birth certificate stating he is a legal U.S. Citizen. Now I know my history pretty well. Hawaii became part of the U.S. IN 1959. President Obama was born in 1961. You figure it out. This is an attempt by Dea to cater, or pander to the radical right-wing base of the republican party for the 2010 elections. He along with the "Birthers" are making complete fools of themselves when they keep pushing this idiotic issue of the president's citizenship. More & More, Day-after-Day I feel much better about our chances of regaining the goveror's mansion in 2010. If this the best the GOP has to offer. I like our chances big time.

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